Awesome Story From Shooting Leopard Seals in Antarctica

I saw this over on John Nack’s Adobe blog today.  Very cool stuff from National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen (you can get lost in the images on his site).

In case you gear heads are wondering, Paul shoots with Canon DSLRs (1Ds Mark III and 1D Mark III, along with the predecessors).  Some of his underwater gear includes Seacam housings and Ikelite strobes.  A more complete list of his gear can be found here.

The book you see pitched at the end of the clip, Polar Obsession, is on here.

Camera Bags For Different Photographers

Not long ago, laptops to accommodate to your different photographic needs was blogged about. This time, we’re talking about camera bags. In reality, there is no need for a large backpack if you’ve got only one camera body and only a couple of lenses. Something more along the lines of a messenger bag can suffice. Depending on your daily shooting styles/methods, your bag should be able to provide you with the essential package to do your job. Here are some great bags to look into:


National Geographic NG 2343 Earth Explorer Small Shoulder Bag

If you’ve got a DSLR with one lens and a couple of other accessories then his shoulder bag will suffice for you perfectly. Made out of padded cotton hemp, it is tough enough for most traveling needs of a photojournalist using only one body without a flash and that can head back to the office to edit shots.

Because of the small size, you cannot shove a laptop in here. However, it can suffice perfectly if you’ve got a Micro 4/3rds camera with a lens in which case you might be able to shove a Sony VAIO P into the bag somehow or another if you pack correctly. A setup like that will allow you to do your work from anywhere. Available for $60.00. [Read more…]