NAB 2013

Adobe After Effects CS6.5

If you have ever spent hours on end with the pen and bezier tool rotoscoping frame-by-frame in After Effects, then you’ll appreciate the magic happening with this future tech that Adobe will be showing off at NAB 2013 (and hopefully releasing inside of After Effects CS6.5). Check out the video tease below for a closer look: [click to continue…]

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Lowel’s new Prime Power LED 800 continuous light is now shipping. It joins the Prime LED series with the 200 and 400 models, and offers nearly twice the output of the 400 model with 126-foot candles at 9-feet.

The Lowel Prime Power LED Model 800 retails for $3895; however, street price is currently $2784.95 here at B&H Photo.

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Canon EOS Cinema Camera

With NAB 2013 just around the corner in April, expect to hear some new rumors on video-related gear. To that end, the latest rumors point to a new Canon EOS Cinema camera situated between the Canon C100 and C300 and offering a PL and EF mount version.

No additional details on the specs of such camera at this point, but there will be plenty more at or before NAB 2013.

Additionally, two new Canon Cinema lenses are expected – a zoom and a prime. Canon’s Cinema zoom lenses have been $40k+ and cover an APS-C image circle, while the prime lenses are full frame and have been in the $5k+ range. I would expect these to follow suit.

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