Sony A99 at 24MP and A57 at 16MP Inbound?

Sony A850 and A900

It’s been a little too quiet on the Sony front since the introduction of the uber-popular Sony A77.  So, it’s not really much of a surprise to hear rumors of a refresh to the full-frame Sony A900 and (even more so) the consumer-ish Sony A55. Both are very solid cameras in their respective categories; however, their age is starting to show. [Read more...]

The 5D Mark III and Canon’s Response to the Nikon D4

Canon's Response

Is history going to repeat itself with the Nikon D4 (see above mock-ad re: Nikon D3)? But this time on the video side of the DSLR market?

Nikon is really happy with its new D4 flagship.  My favorite quote from a Nikon person at CES was “We like to shut people up.”

Boy, did they…

There’s no doubt that the D4 is an amazing camera.  It’s amazing how far they’ve one-upped their own D3s.  I’m really hoping to get the chance to shoot some college basketball with one before the season is over.

For sports shooters, Canon’s 1D X and Nikon’s D4 should be close again.  I think the D3s edged out the 1D Mark IV in AF performance over series of real world tests I conducted in 2010.  However, I think the performance is closer than most forum postings would lead you to believe.

I’m curious to see how well these new cameras stack up against each other on the still image capture side; however, I’m even more interested in how Canon will respond to the Nikon D4′s key video capture features. [Read more...]

Technicolor CineLights and CineLooks Color Correction Tools

Technicolor CineLights at CES

Deep inside the Technicolor booth at CES 2012 was a small table showing off some new color correction software from the same company that brought CineStyles to our Canon HDSLRs last year.

Technicolor CineLights is a program based on Technicolor’s award-winning DP Lights system and is intended for quick color correction such as dailies.  It’s not really intended as a finish grading tool; however, it does offer some keying, three-way color correction and a Look Library as part of CineLooks. [Read more...]

Canon 5D Mark III, 7D Mark II, 3D and 4K Rumor-fest

Canon 4K Cine DSLR

This is some kind of New Year resolution for Canon – that is, if all these rumors come to light by the end of the year.

More juice on the Canon 5D Mark III suggests further that the camera would maintain a reasonable MP-count (if not the same as the Canon 1D X).  The rumor mill also continues to churn on an announcement for the 5D Mark III in the next few months.  For the record, my money is still on an announcement in time for the 2012 NAB Show.

In addition to the 5D Mark III, rumors are swirling that the infamous Canon 3D is a live project.  No spec details other than to suggest that it is a “photographer’s camera.”  What that means, I dunno.  The simplest of guesses has me leaning toward no/minor video functionality, which would go hand-in-hand with earlier rumors of the 5D Mark III as a very video-centric camera.

Hmm? A 5D line as the video-focused line and a 3D line as the stills-focused line?  The 3D name would tend to lead to less confusion if the camera didn’t have video capture at all… [Read more...]