‘From Bump to Buzz’ Combines Live Action and Timelapse for a Great Music Video

This adorable birth announcement video combines live action video with a time lapse shot over a 9 month period. In the 2 days since the video was uploaded, it has over 2.4 million views and counting.

Tom Fletcher notes on his YouTube channel that they took photos every day through the 9 months of their pregnancy to create this fantastic three minute multimedia piece. Additionally, Tom wrote and performed the song “Something New” to go along with their presentation of the new addition to the family.


Nikon Symphony Uses 14 DSLRs to Make Music

In the above video, Benjamin Von Wong put together a symphony of DSLRs with the help of Nikon Professional Services to create music from shutter shutter sounds, menu beeps and other camera-centric sounds.

I spotted a couple of D4‘s, a D7100 and a D800E in there. Can you name all the cameras an other Nikon products used to make the music?

For a deeper look behind the scenes, check out the below video. [Read more…]

Don’t Put Unlicensed Music in Your Videos (Or, Where to Find Affordable & Good Music for Video)


I started to title this post “Don’t Put Copyrighted Music in Your Videos” but that doesn’t really fit.  If someone else created/performed it, then chances are that there’s a valid copyright to it and you need to either: (1) pony up for a license fee, or (2) think twice about using it in your videos. [Read more…]

More Tips For Shooting Concerts

Aerosmith Guitar Hero

We’ve talked before about the essence of concert photography and using video during a concert to supplement your stills. Now you’re at the point where you want to start shooting them more. You need to ensure that you’ll have great photos because the band may want to use them for their myspace or you’ll want to use them for your portfolio when showing clients. Here are some tips to help you start off. [Read more…]

Concert Photography – Capturing the Essence of a Concert

The following post is by New York-based photographer and artist Angela Datre, who provides a thorough introduction into concert photography and delves into what it takes to capture the essence of a concert. Learn more about her at the end of this post.

“It’s very hard with a still photograph to capture the action of a concert. You try to see something in the face, the body, the lighting…Once I see a good shot in the viewfinder, it’s gone. The music gets inside of me, it’s in my brain, I’m close enough to the stage so that the vibration from the speakers is making my skin tingle, and I’m filling the viewfinder with the musician. I just always feel high.”

-Baron Wolman, Concert Photographer

When it comes down to it, I take photographs at the shows I attend because I can’t not take photographs when I am there. I feel awkward if I am not all the way up front-able to see everything, shoot everything. It started with snapshots in the crowd when I was younger and has now become a lifestyle, an obsession.

I thought I would write a blog post on live music photography because it is something that is so near and dear to me. And I’ll admit it; I started off the same way many young photographers start out-bringing a point and shoot digital camera to shows and shooting with a slow-shutter speed or tilting the camera so the image is askew. It took me some time to realize that there is so so much more you can do with live music photography and I feel the need to share what I have learned with others. [Read more…]