Rode Videomic Pro Compared to Original Videomic

Carl from Digital SLR Shooter put together the above comparison video between the new Rode Videomic Pro and the original Rode Videomic.  I’m pretty impressed with the difference the +20db gain setting makes on noise for the new mic.  Thanks for sharing your test Carl. Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to try one out for myself soon.

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HDSLR Audio and Shotgun Mic Shootout

For those of you interested in the HDSLR scene, there’s a new post over at Tech Tilt covering HDSLR audio setups, along with a discussion of the below video that compares multiple mics and audio sources.

Audio sources covered in the video are listed below.

Canon 5D Mark II + Rode NTG-2

Canon 7D On-Camera Audio

Rode NTG-3 + PreSonus FireStudio

Audio Technica AT8015 + PreSonus FireStudio

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