Back-To-School Digital Cameras

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

School will be starting again and you’re going to be taking that digital photography or photojournalism class you always wanted to (or just to get rid of credits.) If it’s a good program, your teacher is going to tell you to go out and buy a manual camera of some sort. Despite the fact that you’re most likely going to sell back those textbooks, it will probably be a good investment for you to get a great camera now. Here’s a list of cameras that you may want to get your hands on that may potentially stick with you for the long run.

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Sony A850 Updated and Availability

UPDATE: The Sony A850 has been announced on August 27, 2009. Please see Photography Bay’s Sony A850 Reviews and Resources page and Sony A850 Official Announcement page for more. The A850 is also available on

It’s a sure thing now.  The Sony A850 manual has leaked from a Sony website and is pretty much all over photo forums across the web.  Initially, it seems like the A850 is an economy version of the Sony A900.  No word on price yet.  For now, here’s the high points on this new full frame DSLR. [Read more…]

Turn Off Autofocus – Do it Yourself!

Light and Beer

Recently, I’ve been shooting all my shots without autofocusing and only relying on the manual focus wheel on my Olympus E-510. What I’ve discovered is that it’s making me think more about my shots, framing, and forcing me to concentrate more on achieving the perfect photo that I have set in my mind already.

In contrast, the world of commercial and event shooting has called for the “spray and pray” method of shooting. On top of this, your camera’s autofocusing may not always be up to par with your expectations and standards; especially in low light as is the case with the above photo. It was achieved with manual focus. [Read more…]