Supply Constraints Signal Possible Mac Pro Update at WWDC on June 10, Rumors Say No Internal Expandability


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off next week with the keynote on June 10. Historically, the keynote has been a place to show off new Apple products and get the developers excited with the latest iOS and OS X news.

Tight supplies of Apple computers often signals that they have a replacement in the pipeline very soon. And that just happens to be the case with the Mac Pro, which is backordered at numerous retailers that normally have a healthy stock and quick shipments. [Read more...]

Mac Pro Gets Subtle Upgrade; Real Upgrades Coming in 2013

Mac Pro

After Apple’s online store showed some mild upgrades for the Mac Pro yesterday, there was quite the outburst of fury amongst pro users online.  Basically, Apple just changed some processor specs and hit the refresh button on the Mac Pro listing on its website.

All hope is not quite yet lost for the flagship pro box though….

NYT’s David Pogue said that he spoke with an Apple exec and was assured that the Mac Pro and iMac would be getting redesigns for 2013.

That’s quite a ways off for pro users who have been hanging onto their towers for a couple of years now.  Watching Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and 6Gb/s SATA  channels pass them by is a tough pill to swallow.

[Update: The 2013 Mac Pro upgrade has been confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook.]

Mac Pro Refresh Due Next Week w/ Thunderbolt & USB 3.0

Mac Pro

Mac users have been waiting nearly two years for a refresh of the Mac Pro.  Many have speculated over the last several months that Apple had quietly decided to axe the Mac Pro line altogether.

Recent leaks of product numbers and specifications all but confirm that Apple will, in fact, unveil a refreshed Mac Pro lineup next week at WWDC.

The new Mac Pros are rumored to feature 8-core Xeon E5 CPUs, Thunderbolt & USB 3.0.  According to Apple Insider, the new Mac Pros are also rumored to “feature 1600MHz memory with 8 channels, SATA III/SAS 6-gigabyte-per-second drive connectivity, and PCI-Express 3 native support for video cards.”

I’ll have more info next week when/if the new Mac Pros are officially unveiled.

Apple Refreshes iMac and Mac Pro Lines

Apple has updated its iMac and Mac Pro line to include the latest Intel processors, adding Core i7 as an iMac option and a dual processor 12-core Mac Pro option.

Additional product releases include a Magic Trackpad for adding MacBook trackpad functionality to desktops, and a new 27″ LED Cinema Display.

Full details at Tech Tilt: Apple Updates iMac and Mac Pro, Introduces Magic Trackpad and New 27-inch LED Cinema Display.

Also, working pros who demand serious horsepower should checkout this insightful post from digital imaging technician, Brook Willard: The State of Apple’s Professional Line.  I’m not trying to pile on by any means; however, I think Brook makes some important points about the lack of USB 3.0 and limited PCI slots, among others.  Your thoughts?