LockPort HDMI Adapters for GH4 and A7 Series

LockPort GH4

PrimeCircle has unveiled a pair of new HDMI port protectors for the Panasonic GH4 and the Sony A7 Series.

The LockPort line is already available for the Canon 5D Mark III, 7D, Nikon D800 and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lines. The LockPort A7 and LockPort GH4 models provide a universal clamp and smart micro to full-size HDMI adapter. [Read more…]


LockPort USB Saves USB Ports for Canon 5D Mark III & Mark II


LockCircle has announced its new LockPort USB, which is designed to help avoid damaging your 5D Mark III and 5D Mark II mini USB camera port.

Previously, LockCircle released the LockPort HDMI port savers, which proved successful and led to the logical development of a port saver for USB ports on HDSLRs. LockPort HDMI was eventually developed and released for Nikon D600 and D800 HDSLRs, so I would expect a LockPort USB model to be in the works for those cameras as well.

LockPort USB is available for $139 direct from LockCircle. More details here on LockCircle’s website.

LockPort5M3 Protects the 5D Mark III’s HDMI Port


LockCircle is following up the recent introduction of its LockPort800 for the Nikon D800 with the same HDMI port protection for the Canon 5D Mark III.

As with the LockPort800, the LockPort5M3 protects HDMI output on your camera from production abuse with a solid universal clamp and a mini to full-size HDMI adapter.

The LockPort5M3 retails for $119 and is available direct from LockCircle.com which shipping set to begin in June.