Atmosphere Aerosol Gives You Instant Haze for Making Light Rays


What makes a great backlight even better? How about some fog or haze? But what if there is no fog or haze at your location?

Fog and haze machines are awesome for creating rays of light in your images but they are not very portable. And that’s part of the motive behind Knoxville-based photographers Joe and Kathleen Atkins’ desire to put haze in a can. [Read more…]

How to Shoot Engraved Glass in Studio with Strobes

In this video, Karl Taylor and Urs Recher walk us through shooting a glass with a design engraved on it. They mix soft and hard light to illuminate the glass and the engraving separately.

The main light was simply a softbox, but the light used to bring out the engraving was a Broncolor Picolite and a projection attachment.

Capturing the Hottest Kiss in the World

Photographers Dallas Nagata White and Ed White hiked to a lava flow in Kalapana, Hawaii to capture some images with lava and the night sky in one image. When they arrived on location, it began to rain and they decided to try shooting with some speedlights instead.

After capturing some fantastic images of the group they hiked with as well as some “here’s me in front of lava photos” of themselves, Ed told Dallas they need one more and dipped her for the kiss shot.

[Dallas Nagata White via ISO1200]