Zeiss Unveils Milvus Lens Line for Canon & Nikon DSLRs

ZEISS Milvus Objektivfamilie

Zeiss has announced a collection of 6 lenses in its new Milvus line for Canon (ZE) and Nikon (ZF.2) mount cameras.

The new lenses consist of the following:

The lenses are manual focus only; however, the communicate electronically with the camera body to provide compatibility with program, aperture priority, shutter priority and manual modes. Additionally, they will communicate lens EXIF data to the camera.

The focus ring is a longer throw for precise focusing and enhanced use with video. Zeiss says the lens quality meets the latest standards for 6K video capture. The ZF.2 lenses offer the ability to declick the aperture for video use.

The new Zeiss Milvus lenses range in price from $1177 to $1843 and will be available in October 2015.


Canon 120MP DSLR Under Development


As if the Canon EOS 5Ds wasn’t enough already at 50MP, Canon has announced that it is developing a 120MP DSLR.

Canon says that “[t]he camera under development is being designed to facilitate a level of resolution more than sufficient for large-format printing and extensive cropping capability while maintaining fantastic image quality.”

Canon notes that the camera is built for the current EF system lenses; however, it will apparently not be compatible with all of the lenses in the Canon EF line. According to a footnote in Canon’s press release, “Out of the 96 lenses that make up the EF lens lineup, 60 models will be compatible with the [new 120MP DSLR].” [Read more…]

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS II USM Lens Patent

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS II USM Lens Patent Diagram

Canon EF 35mm f/2 IS II USM Lens Patent Diagram

In a recently published patent application, Canon details a new 35mm f/2 lens. You can see the optical formula in the above diagram.

The lens construction is 104.5mm long, so it is quite a bit longer than the current model at 62.6mm. The patent also covers a revised image stabilizing system to the current EF 35mm f/2 IS USM.

It was filed on March 31, 2015. You can read it for yourself below. As always, let me know if anything else jumps out. [Read more…]

New Canon EF 85mm L Lens Coming Soon?

Canon 85mm 1.2L Lens

The Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM lens may be getting a companion soon with an updated Canon EF 85mm L lens according to Canon Rumors. The lens should get the new blue spectrum refractive element that we saw introduced in the 35mm last month.

Additionally, there is some speculation that the lens could have max f/1.4 aperture instead of the current f/1.2 model.

The updated 85mm lens is expected to arrive by the end of 2016 with a possible announcement for Photokina 2016 next September.