Mobile Cloth is a Magical Fingerprint Remover for Phones, Tablets and Lenses

Mobile Cloth-2

Every year at CES I am overwhelmed with the sheer volume of mobile accessories. I am still completely amazed that so many iPhone case manufacturers can be in business at one time. It’s nuts!

As a result, I generally shy away from run-of-the-mill phone and tablet accessories. I just don’t care. But this is another story. [Read more…]


If You Breathe on Your Lens, It Will Die?

Raise your hand if you ever fog up your lens with your breath to clean it off… (I know I’m very guilty.)

Ok, so maybe it won’t kill your lens. According to Nikon though, there are acids in breath that can damage lens coatings. Instead, Nikon recommends via its support site to use a blower bulb, then brush, and wipe the lens with a lint free cloth. [Read more…]