A Beginner’s Guide to Histograms

Histograms allow us to observe the graphical representation of our exposures. Most modern cameras are equipped with the ability to review the histogram and often place a live histogram on a camera’s display to help judge the exposure before we take a photo.

In this video from Karl Taylor, he walk through the basics of reading and using histograms to aid in exposure evaluation.


How to Shoot Engraved Glass in Studio with Strobes

In this video, Karl Taylor and Urs Recher walk us through shooting a glass with a design engraved on it. They mix soft and hard light to illuminate the glass and the engraving separately.

The main light was simply a softbox, but the light used to bring out the engraving was a Broncolor Picolite and a projection attachment.

Low Light Portrait Photography Tips

In this short video, Damien Lovegrove explains how to take low light portraits and retain good exposure and tonal range.

In the first shot, Damien uses a tripod and dials in manual exposure compensation to get the tonal range spot on. In the second shot, Damien uses a monopod and multiple light sources, including a rim light to add depth and separation.