Canon 5D Mark III Spotted in the Wild?

Canon 5D Mark III?

Is this the Canon 5D Mark III?

An unknown Canon camera appeared in Kenya this week, along with prototype versions of the Canon 200-400mm lens and Canon 600mm lens.  Lots of speculation has ensued as to whether this is the Canon 5D Mark III.

The above photo comes from the Aperture Academy blog and shows a Canon camera body attached to the new 600mm lens.  The person using the camera and lenses is claimed to be a Canon employee who is testing new equipment. [Read more...]

Sony A850 Updated and Availability

UPDATE: The Sony A850 has been announced on August 27, 2009. Please see Photography Bay’s Sony A850 Reviews and Resources page and Sony A850 Official Announcement page for more. The A850 is also available on

It’s a sure thing now.  The Sony A850 manual has leaked from a Sony website and is pretty much all over photo forums across the web.  Initially, it seems like the A850 is an economy version of the Sony A900.  No word on price yet.  For now, here’s the high points on this new full frame DSLR. [Read more...]

Nikon D700 – Magazine Leak

This image of a magazine spread featuring the Nikon D700 looks pretty convincing. You can also see what appears to the the Nikon SB-900 flash. It surfaced in the DP Review forums earlier today.


Many publications will get pre-release cameras in order to make it to press with the latest news. In exchange, they generally must enter into a non-disclosure agreement (NDA); however, Photography Bay doesn’t have any such agreement with Nikon, or else I wouldn’t be posting this info. The official press release from Nikon can’t be too far behind now.

Stay tuned to Photography Bay’s Nikon D700 page for the latest news on this new camera.