Worldwide License for Your Twitter Photos Shot Down by Federal Judge

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This is a follow-up to the previous post that looked at the potential dangers of sharing/licensing photos on Twitter.  And, since I’m talking about legal issues, let me go ahead and get my disclaimer out of the way…

While I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and this is an editorial commentary on newsworthy issues rather than legal advice.  Remember that one too – unless you’re paying a lawyer, you aren’t really getting legal advice, and what you are getting on blogs, forums and, for that matter, Twitter is worth just what you paid for it.  Seriously, remember that the next time you want to rely on someone’s advice on a forum.  The judge won’t be too keen on a printout of a blog post when you hand it to him as “evidence.”

Can a News Agency Use Photos You Share on Twitter?

The last time around, we talked about whether sharing your photos on Twitter gave Twitter a license to use your photos however it sees fit.  This time, we’re talking about a third-party news agency using photos shared on Twitter and one photographer who jumped right into the thick of it. [Read more…]