DJI Phantom

A ruling last week by a National Transportation Safety Board judge declared that the FAA’s ban on commercial use of aerial drones carries no weight under federal law.  [click to continue…]

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Not only does this video win the cheesy award, but the advice it gives to the target audience (apparently those with drastically reduced IQs) flags warning signs for things both pro and amateur photographers do on a daily basis.

Not really what we need the government telling us right now given the current attitude of law enforcement to photographers in public spaces.

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Glik First Amendment Rights Case

Glik Civil Rights Case Holding


A federal appellate court recent held that Maryland’s wiretapping statute could not be used to prevent citizens from recording police activity. [click to continue…]

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Alaska Photography Laws

by on August 1, 2011

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This post attempts to highlight Alaska laws that may be relevant to photographers (please read disclaimer below).  It is part of my ongoing effort to catalog the various state laws relating to photography.  You can see more on the main photography laws page.  If you are aware of other significant Alaska statutes or cases that relate to photographers’ rights or duties, please use the contact form to pass them along. [click to continue…]

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Twitter has announced that it will soon be rolling out an “official” method of sharing photos on Twitter.  However, Twitter will apparently not be hosting the images – rather the images will be hosted and served by Photobucket. [click to continue…]

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Train fanatic Christopher Fussell was shooting photos and video of Baltimore’s light rail train when he was stopped and detained by Maryland Transit Police.  The police insisted that it was illegal to take photos and video of the transit system telling him that he “need[s] to cease and desist with the photographing and continue on your way.” [click to continue…]

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