Pentax DSLR Firmware Updates

Pentax has issued updates for four of its DSLRs – the K-m/K2000, K20D, K200D and K10D.  The new firmware is designed for “Improved stability of recording image for some SDHC Memory card.”

You can download the firmware at Pentax’s website via the following links.

Pentax K-m/K2000 Firmware Ver. 1.11

Pentax K20D Firmware Ver. 1.04

Pentax K200D Firmware Ver. 1.01

Pentax K10D Firmware Ver. 1.31


Pentax Clearance (not the bankrupt brick & mortar stores) is clearing out some Pentax stock.  I checked on a few of the prices and it seems like a pretty good deal for those of you Pentax shooters out there.

There are DSLRs (the K20D seems to be discontinued at most retailers), point and shoot cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries, grips, etc. in the clearance.  Here’s the link.

Pentax K20D Review at has published a review of the Pentax K20D, which is a huge bargain now..

The K20D would be ideal for travel, nature, macro, and studio photographers. Along with the superior resolution, the weather sealing and high quality compact lens system makes great for nature and travel photographers, and for close to $1000 it’s one of the best cameras on the market if you don’t need a blazing fast fps, or a higher flash sync.

For more reviews of the K20D, check out Photography Bay’s Pentax K20D Reviews and Resources.

Pentax K20D Review at Think Camera

Think Camera has posted a review of the Pentax K20D.

All in all, the Pentax K20D is a decent camera with enough features to keep top-end enthusiasts, travel photographers and possibly even some pros happy. It’s not the 14.6megapixel sensor that makes this the camera what it is, that almost doesn’t matter – it’s the combination of intuitive layout, functions and relative ease of use.

Click here for more news, reviews and info on the Pentax K20D.

Pentax K20D Firmware Update

Pentax has issued a firmware update for the K20D.  According to DP Review, the firmware  “addresses the problem characterized on the DPReview forums in which ‘hot’ pixels could appear when the 2-second self times was used.”  The official party line is that new firmware “[m]inimize[s] the noise when taking picture with 2 seconds self-timer mode.”  It is available here for download.