Photography Bay is Now Optimized for Mobile Users

iPad Post

A couple of months or so back, I made a pretty big change for mobile users after some feedback from those of you on iPhones and iPads.  After listening to feedback, tweaking a few items and watching the usage numbers go up, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that Photography Bay is much easier to consume on your Apple iOS or Android device now. [Read more…]

Adobe Looking at Cloud-Sync’d Photo Libraries as the Future?

In an interesting post on the blog, Adobe outlined a significant logistical problem we all endure nowadays due to the number of devices we use to capture, view, edit and share photos . . . and then, hinted at a coming solution.

So, how do we get them all accessible in one place without dealing with the storage limitations of the smaller devices? [Read more…]

Photoshop Express 2.0 for iOS

Adobe has updated Photoshop Express for Apple iOS to version 2.0.  The update includes the ability to purchase an in-app camera pack that leverages powerful noise reduction based on the outstanding tech in Lightroom 3 and CS5.  Additionally, the $3.99 camera pack offers a self-timer shutter trigger and an auto-review option.

You can find Photoshop Express 2.0 in the Apple App Store – and it’s still free.  If you want the extra horsepower of the above features though, you’ll have to spring for the $3.99 Adobe Camera Pack as a purchase within the Photoshop Express App.

Apple iPod nano with Built-in Video Camera

Apple iPod nano with Built-in Video Camera

Apple’s new iPod nano includes a video camera and takes a direct shot across the bow of the Flip and other ultra-compact video cameras.  In fact, at Apple’s “It’s only rock and roll” event today, Apple showed an image of the 4GB Flip Ultra and mocked its $149 price tag.  The presentation went on with Steve Jobs at the helm touting Apple’s video option as 8GB for free.  What that really boils down to is that all the iPod nanos now include a video camera; however, you still have to buy the iPod nano to get the video camera (so it’s not really free Steve).  And, unfortunately, the iPod nano doesn’t offer the ability to capture still images.

The 8GB iPod nano runs $149, while the 16GB iPod nano comes in at $179.  Both versions offer the same video camera specs: [Read more…]