Apple iPod Camera Coming?

Rumors abound (see Gizmodo, CrunchGear) of the next-gen iPod, which these renderings from suppose will include a digital camera.  The renderings suggest a design very similar to the current form factor of the 4th gen iPod Nano; however, the screen ratio is a 1.5:1 instead of the current 1.33:1 ratio.  This ratio would mesh perfectly with traditional 3:2 aspect ratio (as we photographers call it) found in most digital cameras today, leading to an appropriate format for 4×6 prints.

Whether it’s the real deal or not, we should know soon enough; however, iLounge makes it a point to note that their source “has a perfect track record for accuracy.”  If Apple is getting back into digital cameras, look out.

Apple already has a huge and powerful image editing platform in iPhoto and Aperture.  Apple has a gift for making products work intuitively and integrating multiple products into one design, which we’ve seen over the past couple years with the iPhone.

Stay tuned for the latest.  This could get interesting.