Manfrotto KLYP+ Accessories Now Available for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus


Manfrotto has announced that is line of KLYP+ photo and video accessories for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Along with new bumper cases for the iPhone 6 models, the KLYP+ line expanded with new interchangeable lenses, an LED light and a Pixi mini tripod.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases come equipped with a lens thread connection that allows for quick connection of one of its interchangeable lenses crafted of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high‑clarity glass. Lenses available include a fisheye, telephoto 1.5X, telephoto 3X, wide-angle and macro, super wide-angle and polarizer.

The KLYP+ 6 cases run $24.99 and other accessories range from $29.99 to $124.99 for the complete KLYP+ 6 kit. Check out all the new KLYP+ 6 accessories here at B&H Photo.

Beastgrip Pro is a Professional Smartphone Camera Rig

Beastgrip Pro Kit

Beastgrip Pro is versatile tool for camera phone photographers and videographers that is part of new Kickstarter campaign and should hit its $50,000 goal by day 2 at this rate.

It is a custom rig designed not only for the iPhone, but for all camera smartphones, to attach a variety of professional photo and video accessories. [Read more…]

Layout is a New App from Instagram for Combining Photos

Layout from Instagram

Instagram has launched a new app, called Layout, which lets you combine multiple photos into a single, square image.

That’s something we have all done since nearly the beginning of Instagram. However, we have done that without the help of Instagram and, instead, used apps like Diptic and other collage-making apps to export images to our phones’ camera rolls and then upload to Instagram.

While Layout is still a separate app that you must install, it does include a share to Instagram feature within to make it a quicker process.

Layout also has a facial recognition features that will allow you to choose photos with only faces of people from your camera roll. Additionally, a Photo Booth feature lets you capture photos that instantly fill your layout.

For now, Layout is only available for iOS devices with support for Android promised in the coming months. You can get Layout for free here on the iTunes App Store.

Adobe Updates Photoshop Mix 1.5 for iPad & iPhone

Photoshop Mix 1.5

Today, Adobe released Photoshop Mix 1.5 with added support for Adobe Ink and the Cloud Clipboard, allowing users to browse an album of their creative assets that can be pasted into an image in Photoshop Mix with one touch of the stylus. Photoshop Mix also now supports Wacom and Pencil styluses. [Read more…]