ioSafe N2 Aims to Be a Disaster Proof Private Cloud NAS

ioSafe N2

ioSafe has launched an indiegogo campaign to help build its next disaster proof storage device – the N2.

The N2 will provide up to 8TB of storage along with a 2GHz Marvel CPU and 512MB memory.  The N2 will be able to withstand fire damage up to 1550° F and submersion in fresh or salt water up to 10′ for 3 days.  (Read my ioSafe Extreme Rugged Hard Drive Review.)

Aside from the robust build, the N2 will be able to serve as a personal cloud drive that allows you to access content from anywhere you’ve got an Internet connection, including the ability to operate as an iTunes server.

The N2 should begin shipping in January 2013, starting at $600 for a diskless version.  For more details, check out the indiegogo intro video below. [Read more…]


ioSafe Has In-Office Disaster for Unintended Product Testing

ioSafe Offices Disaster

Around the same time I published the recent ioSafe Extreme Rugged hard drive review, ioSafe had its own in-office disaster when a sprinkler pipe broke and flooded its office.  Fortunately, they were using their own ioSafe waterproof drives throughout the offices and didn’t lose any data.

Check out their account of the rather ironic disaster below. [Read more…]

ioSafe Extreme Rugged Hard Drive Review

ioSafe Extreme

The ioSafe Extreme is a portable, bus-powered hard drive that is built like a tank.  It is available in 500GB or 1TB capacities with a 5400RPM spinning drive, or with a SSD drive from 120GB-600GB capacities.  The latest models are USB 3.0 only; however, the model that I reviewed was a FW800 with a 5400RPM 1TB drive inside.

The enclosure is a solid aluminum enclosure that matches up nicely with current generation Mac products.  Moreover, the aluminum enclosure is crush resistant up to 2500 lbs, while the available titanium enclosure is crush proof up to 5000 lbs.  Essentially, you can run over these things with a car and it will still function properly. [Read more…]