Interview Lighting Tips

by on December 29, 2011

in Lighting

So, you’re shooting some interviews with your HDSLR or other video camera now?  Check out the above video for some tips on the hows and whys of lighting an interview subject and scene.

[via Fstoppers]

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Pretty soon, you will be able to record a live 2-person conversation or interview with your iPhone – and your iPhone will automatically switch live between the talking heads to record a multiplexed video stream. [click to continue…]

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I recently took this ARRI Fresnel 3-Light kit for a spin while shooting a couple of interviews.  I was seriously impressed with the ease of use and overall performance while working with these ARRI fresnel lights.

Read the full review over at Tech Tilt: ARRI Fresnel 3-Light Kit Review.

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Joey Lawrence is a photographic sensation. He makes the rest of us look at the box that we constrain ourselves to and ask why we were in that box in the first place. His talent and lens are in high demand from the likes of Warner Bros, Arena, Atlantic, Victory and more.

Ask the Photographer is featuring an interview with the inspirational 18 year old photographer. Read it here.

You can visit Joey’s site here. His blog is here

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