After I saw these images over at PetaPixel taken with an infrared still camera, I just had to see what NightShot mode on the Sony MC50U looked like while my son played Xbox Kinect last night.

This effect is possible with any camera that offers a night vision mode using an infrared light to capture images in total darkness. ┬áThe key to making the Kinect sensor lights more clearly visible, however, is to cover up the camera’s built-in infrared lamp and use only the Kinect infrared light points for illumination.

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With a little help from the DSLR.Bot app ($4.99 in the App Store) for iOS, you can add an infrared trigger to your iPhone for Canon (and soon Nikon) DSLRs.

Check out the simple DIY instructions for the infrared iPhone adapter in the video below. [click to continue…]

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