New Impact Ready Cool Lights are Fluorescent Video Lights on the Cheap

Impact Ready Cool 4 Lamp

B&H is now selling Impact Ready Cool continuous fluorescent lights, which are available in 2-bulb and 4-bulb configurations.

Each fluorescent bulb offers 55 watts output. The Ready Cool 2 lamp version delivers the equivalent output of roughly a 500w tungsten light, while the Ready Cool 4 lamp version is equivalent to a roughly 1000w hot light. Lamp life is estimated at 8000 hours.

The Ready Cool 2 lamp version is available for $169.95, and the Ready Cool 4 lamp version is available for for $394.95 (currently on sale for $344.95). Both units ship with bulbs and a padded carrying case. Check them out here at B&H Photo.


Impact VSD300 Monolight + Softbox Kit Review

Impact VSD300

The Impact VSD300 monolight and softbox kit is an all-inclusive lighting kit that contains the basics of what you need for an indoor 2-light studio setup.

The kit includes the following:

  • (2) 300 w/s VSD300 monolights
  • (2) 24×32″ softboxes
  • (2) reflectors
  • (2) sync cords
  • (2) 8′ stands

At the time of this review, the full kit is available for $458.95 from B&H Photo. Just looking over the basic specs of what’s included and it is apparent that this is a good deal of gear for a rather small price.

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Final Day to Enter the Swag Bag Giveaway

Photography Bay Swag Bag

This will be the last reminder to enter the Swag Bag Giveaway before we announce a winner to this bag packed with photo gear.

Your opportunity to enter will end tonight at midnight. Check out the giveaway rules here.

What’s in the Swag Bag? Check out the list below: [Read more…]

Impact EX100A Monolight Kit Review

Impact EX100A Monolight

The Impact EX100A is a basic 100 watt monolight that’s available from B&H Photo.  The EX100A is also available in a 2 monolight kit with 24″ softboxes, an umbrella, light stands and a carry case.

The EX100A 2-light kit was my first experience with using monolights, and for the $200 I spent on it, I have been pretty pleased.  Sure, it’s not AlienBees, Elinchrom or anything fancy, but not everyone needs (or can afford) those brands. [Read more…]