Canon Mirrorless Camera to Get APS-C Format Sensor?

Canon Mirrorless

The latest rumblings of Canon’s upcoming mirrorless format suggest that the sensor within will be larger than the Canon G1 X-sized sensor that has been previously rumored.  Instead, it seems that the popular 18MP sensor found in the Canon Rebel T4i will find its into the Canon mirrorless camera.

This seems like it will be a big win for Canon, if true, as it would enable the Canon mirrorless system to more directly compete with the strong offering from Sony’s NEX line of mirrorless cameras – with a standard-sized sensor and an apples-to-apples competition with what I think is the current king of the mirrorless market.

What are your thoughts on Canon using the larger, 1.6x crop APS-C format over the previously-rumored 1.85x crop sensor?

[via Canon Rumors and Northlight]


Warning: Keep Your DSLR Away from Lasers

If you didn’t already know this, let this poor guy’s misfortune serve as a warning.  Never try to capture a laser light show with your Canon 5D Mark II, or any other DSLR for that matter.  A direct hit from a laser will brick your expensive camera by leaving a permanent impression on the sensor.

Have any of you had a personal experience with lasers damaging your camera?

For additional proof, check out the rest of the DSLR-death-by-laser videos below. [Read more…]

Canon Develops 8″ x 8″ CMOS Image Sensor

Canon’s R&D group has been eating its Wheaties, as evidenced by the recent 120MP CMOS sensor and the new 8-inch CMOS sensor.  That’s the 8″ sensor above, just to the left of a 35mm sensor.

The new sensor is roughly 40 times the size of the sensor found in the 5D Mark II.  It measures 202 x 205mm, or roughly 8″ x 8″ – holy cow! Canon says that it is “capable of capturing images in one one-hundredth the amount of light required by a professional-model digital SLR camera.”

Don’t expect to see these in your next DSLR though – this is just bragging rights for now.  Get the full tech-speak and marketing buzz in the press release below. [Read more…]

KODAK CCD Image Sensors Power New Cameras for Professional Photography

Kodak Full Frame CCD Sensors

Leica, Hasselblad, and Sinar Select KODAK CCD Image Sensors for Use in New Cameras

Cologne, Germany, September 23 — CCD Image Sensors from Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) have been selected again to power the most advanced cameras for professional photographers. Showcased at this year’s Photokina trade fair in Cologne, Germany, the new cameras – the LEICA S2, the HASSELBLAD H3DII-50, and the SINAR Hy6-65 – are based on both new and existing KODAK CCD Image Sensors, and further establish Kodak as the leading supplier of the most advanced image sensors used in professional photography. [Read more…]

Sony Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensor

Sony is about to shake things up in the digital camera world with a new image sensor.  Those of you who think the Live View tech and articulating LCD panel are just gimmicks (see Sony A350 review) will enjoy this potentially revolutionary development.  In the sample image below, you can see the potential that this new sensor technology brings to the table.  A couple of the obvious benefits to photographers are low light shooting with lower noise levels, which results in better overall image quality.  Currently, the prototype sensor is only 5 megapixels (which is probably plenty for most of us in most applications); however, you can expect Sony to push this tech to its limits and produce some astounding cameras in the near future.


Tokyo, Japan – Sony Corporation today announced the development of a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor (pixel size: 1.75µm square pixels, five effective mega pixels, 60 frames/s) with significantly enhanced imaging characteristics, including nearly twofold sensitivity*1 and low noise. This improved performance has been achieved by illuminating the backside of the silicon substrate, in contrast to conventional CMOS image sensors based on front-illumination technology. [Read more…]