Samsung HZ35W and HZ30W

Samsung HZ35W

The Samsung HZ35W and HZ30W serve to replace the HZ15W and HZ10W.  The biggest improvement in the HZ35W and HZ30W is the inclusion of a 15x zoom lens, as opposed to a 10x zoom lens in last year’s models.

Both cameras offer a 12MP sensor and a stabilized 15x optical zoom that begins at the widest setting with a 24mm equivalent field of view on a full frame camera.  While both cameras offer a 3-inch display, the HZ35W uses an AMOLED screen and the HZ30W provides the traditional LCD panel.  The cameras can also record 720p video at 30 fps in H.264 format.

Samsung HZ35W

The HZ35W distinguishes itself further with the inclusion of GPS geo-tagging with location data, visual map and real time location display.

The HZ35W and HZ30W should be available in March 2010.  Check availability for each of the cameras on

Samsung HZ35W at Amazon

Samsung HZ30W at Amazon

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