Do you know any photography snobs? Are you one yourself? Check out 10 ways to annoy a photography snob in the above video, courtesy of DigitalRev.

Disclaimer: Mild language, crude comments in the video. Don’t watch if that offends you.


What would you do if you were sitting on the front row at a sporting event and a player comes crashing over the wall and lands at your feet?  [click to continue…]


This photo booth pranks is quite mean; however, it produced some funny reactions. The poor folks that walked into this photo booth of horror thought they were going to get their picture taken. Then, just as the camera was supposed to snap their fun pic, two guys pulled back the curtains and scared the crap out of everyone inside. [click to continue…]

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What would you do if you had a 1992 Toyota Paseo that you wanted to sell?

Craigslist. Right?

A handful of people might see your ad and you may or may not sell it. [click to continue…]

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The Google Glass Photographer

What would it be like if you took Google Glass on a serious photography outing?

Macro shots? Timelapse? Weddings? Fashion?

We get answers these questions in the new parody video, ‘The Google Glass Photographer”. Check out this comical take on Google Glass below.

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Check out this fun video. “A group of Canon commandos is sent out on a mission. Their objective: to save an innocent girl who has been taken hostage by Nikon terrorists. Who will ultimately win this battle?”

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