Sigma EF-610 DG Super and EF-610 DG ST Flashes

At Photokina 2010 this week, Sigma announced a pair of new hotshoe flashes, the EF-610 DG Super and EF-610 DG ST.

Both new flashes feature a Guide Number of 61, manual flash mode and a TTL auto flash exposure with all popular DLSR systems.

The EF-610 DG ST gives you manual power control down to 1/16 power, while the EF-610 DG Super covers an 8-stop range that (assuming my finger counting is correct) gets you down to 1/128 power in manual mode.  Additionally, the EF-610 DG Super features a modeling flash function, multi-pulse flash, TTL wireless flash, high speed sync and rear curtain sync.

For those reading between the lines, the EF-610 DG Super competes with the likes of the Canon 580EX II and Nikon SB-900, while the EF-610 DG ST matches up more with the Canon 430EX II and Nikon SB-600.

No word yet on price or availability for this new pair of flashes, but considering where they fit in the market, you can probably expect them to be priced a little below the first-party products noted above.

More details in the press releases below. [Read more…]