Watch a Kayaker Tackle Big Waterfalls with GoPro Cameras Everywhere

GoPro Athlete Dane Jackson ventures to a kayaker’s paradise in Veracruz, Mexico to chase some of the most challenging waterfalls in the world.

I like the smart edits that use the underwater impacts to change to the various GoPro HERO4 cameras on Jackson and his kayak as the short video builds to its climax. Solid pacing for a 2-minute YouTube video.

[via GoPro]


Watch This 91-Year-Old Grandma Fly a Drone

Grandma Flies a Drone Screen Shot

Last week, we saw the terrible drone crash on Fox News that really got the hobby community stirred up with all the bad press it created. This news is much better.

In this fun video, 91-year-old Els Van Boldrik is flying a DJI Phantom drone in her garden with her dog Bill by her side. A GoPro HERO4 attached to the Phantom’s gimbal captures some cool footage of her (drone-selfie?) as it flies by.

If a grandma in her 90’s can get it right, why can’t Fox News and their Popular Science guest? Check it out below. [Read more…]