Letus Releases AnamorphX Adapter for GoPro Hero 3/3+

Letus AnamorphX Adapter for GoPro Hero 3+
Letus has announced a new anamorphic adapter for the GoPro Hero 3 and Hero 3+ cameras. The¬†AnamorphX Adapter is a 1.33x anamorphic adapter that gives you the 2.39:1 aspect ratio to your 1080p footage when you de-squeeze the footage in post.¬†Additionally, the adapter works with GoPros 4:3 SuperView footage to create a proper 16:9 frame without any further processing required in post. [Read more…]

GoPro Hero 3+ Unveiled

GoPro Hero 3 Plus

GoPro has announced a refresh to its Hero 3 camera with the Hero 3+.

It is a mild upgrade to the Hero 3; however, the updates address some of the key criticisms of the Hero 3. The Hero 3+ features 30% more battery life thanks to a 1180mAh battery (up from a 1050 mAh battery in the Hero 3). Additionally, the Hero 3+ gets a sharper f/2.8 lens, 4x faster built-in WiFi. [Read more…]