ALL-I and IPB Video Compression on Canon’s 5D Mark III

5D Mark III

This is no real surprise at this point; however, a leaked review from a French publication confirms that the Canon 5D Mark III supports intraframe (ALL-i) compression for an editing-friendly format and interframe (IPB) compression for superior data compression.

Canon 5D Mark III ALL-i and IPB

Based on what we’ve seen thus far, it’s likely that the 5D Mark III video specs will closely resemble the specs found in the 1D X.  Note that the 1D X allows level monitoring on screen and adjustments to audio levels before and during recording of video clips.  The presence of a headphone output suggests that the 5D Mark III will take this a step further.

Jury is still out on the HDMI-out; however, there have been no leaks concerning this spec and pretty much everything is out in the open now.  Stay tuned over the next few hours for the official unveil.


Canon 5D Mark III: What We Know and Think We Know

Canon 5D Mark III Press Invite

Above is a supposed to be one of the press invites for the 5D Mark III due out at midnight Thursday night. (via CR)

Something is coming Thursday night at midnight EST.  Of course, I’ll have full details up as soon as I know something official.  We may even get some leaks ahead of time (usually the case).

What we’re expecting is the Canon 5D Mark III – a 22MP full frame DSLR that captures 1080p video with the same codec we see in the 1D X (edit-friendly ALL-I and the more compressed IPB). [Read more…]

‘Act of Valor’ Steps Up the HDSLR Game

Act of Valor

I waited patiently for a couple of years or so since I first heard about a Navy Seal movie Shane Hurlbut ASC was shooting on the Canon 5D Mark II.  I’ve read about how Shane lit night scenes with practicals, numerous mentions of his man-cam and helmet cam rigs, and how Zeiss lenses worked in tandem with the 5D Mark II for a big screen blockbuster.

It hit theaters yesterday.  And, I set out last night with a few friends to watch it.  I was not disappointed. [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark III Specs Confirmed? Official on Feb. 27?

Canon 5D Mark III Rumors

Canon Rumors is predicting next week as a for sure thing for the Canon 5D Mark II replacement. Presumably, it will be called the 5D Mark III; however, there have been rumblings that Canon will go with the 5D X name and apparently play off the recent release of the 1D X.

Semantics about naming schemes aside, below is what’s supposed to be the actual specs for the 5D III/X. [Read more…]