Call for Guest Bloggers

So, I may be out of pocket a bit within the next week or so.  We’ve got a new addition to our family on the way, and while I’m trying to work on some good content to go up while I’m learning to change diapers again, I thought I would open up Photography Bay to other photographers (amateur or pro) to share their thoughts with the rest of the Photography Bay community.

If you have something worthwhile to say that generally relates to photography, whether it be cameras, lenses, techniques, tips, business, etc., I’d be happy to consider your guest post.  It can be something as simple as how you shot a particular image, or something a little deeper, like how other art forms relate to a specific photographic technique.

Send your ideas via the Contact Form, and I’ll let you know if it will work.

The last time I did this, it turned into a win-win-win for everyone involved.  The guest authors really enjoyed the boost in traffic, it started some great discussions among regular readers and the authors, and gave me something to share with you guys while I was off doing other things.

The posts will likely run between Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 13.

For every guest post, I’ll include a short bio with a couple of links back to your site or work elsewhere on the web.

Past guest contributors include Rich Legg, Zach Matthews, Angela Datre, Ron Kruger and many others.  You can hit those links for an idea of the bio, links and general topic ideas.

Again, you can submit your post ideas or any questions through the Contact Form.