Editorial Images Now Available at iStockphoto

iStockphoto has now made “editorial use only” images available for purchase.  Unlike the millions of other pre-existing royalty-free images on iStockphoto, the new editorial collection of images are strictly for non-commercial use and “are intended for use by news outlets, publishers, magazines, bloggers and presenters as a descriptive visual reference to a product, place, event or concept.”

Additionally, contributing photographers will generally not be required to submit a model release for editorial images, nor is there a need to remove trademarks or other branding from editorial images.

More details on the new editorial image collection in iStock’s press release below. [Read more…]


Worldwide License for Your Twitter Photos Shot Down by Federal Judge

Twitter Logo

This is a follow-up to the previous post that looked at the potential dangers of sharing/licensing photos on Twitter.  And, since I’m talking about legal issues, let me go ahead and get my disclaimer out of the way…

While I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and this is an editorial commentary on newsworthy issues rather than legal advice.  Remember that one too – unless you’re paying a lawyer, you aren’t really getting legal advice, and what you are getting on blogs, forums and, for that matter, Twitter is worth just what you paid for it.  Seriously, remember that the next time you want to rely on someone’s advice on a forum.  The judge won’t be too keen on a printout of a blog post when you hand it to him as “evidence.”

Can a News Agency Use Photos You Share on Twitter?

The last time around, we talked about whether sharing your photos on Twitter gave Twitter a license to use your photos however it sees fit.  This time, we’re talking about a third-party news agency using photos shared on Twitter and one photographer who jumped right into the thick of it. [Read more…]

Getty Images Launches ThinkStock Microstock Subscription Site


Getty Images has launched a new microstock subscription site called ThinkStock.  The site is built around a subscription model for image buyers and pulls from Getty’s image libraries at Getty Images, iStockphoto and Jupiterimages.  The flat rate subscription of $249/mo or $2499/yr allows users to download up to 25 images per day and 750 images per month on a royalty-free basis.

More details in the press release below. [Read more…]

More on the Getty and Flickr Partnership

As we’ve reported, Flickr has announced a new partnership with Getty Images, the well-known seller of stock imagery that will allow photographers with Flickr accounts to make some money. Getty can now browse images hosted on the site and contact Flickr members directly about sharing their images in Getty’s new Flickr-branded collection.

Photographers will be paid for the use of their images, on the sliding scale that Getty Images uses for all photograph licensing. Photographers will be expected to sign a contract allowing for the use of images once Getty has selected their work. There is no way to notify Getty that you want your Flickr photos considered, however. According to a CNET article, you’ll just have to wait to be contacted.