Kodak’s Final Notice

Kodak is dishing out final notices (I just got mine) on their online gallery storage.  Not that it really matters to me.  I use SmugMug and Flickr for sharing my images online.  I have occasionally ordered a few snapshots or Christmas cards from Kodak; however, I will just upload the pics that I need at the time and get my pics or cards printed out. Perhaps some folks use Kodak’s service as their online storage solution.  If you do, then you’ll have to keep ordering products in order to keep your photos online. [Read more…]


8 Photographers in 8 Weeks

If you’ll be in Washington D.C. anytime in the next eight weeks, make the effort to stop by the Randall Scott Gallery. Randall Scott is running a unique exhibition showcasing eight photographers. For two week periods over the next two weeks, the gallery will hang the work of two different photographers at any given time, as well as a preview of all eight photographers’ work.

Scott, the gallery owner, picked these artists “through many internet wanderings, prowling artist websites and chasing links that start in one country and somehow cris-cross global cyberspace and end up in a completely different place,” specifically looking for photographers “who managed to make the hair on the back of [his] neck stand up.”

Even the online preview is jarring, showcasing unusual talent. The photographers included in the exhibit are Kyoko Hamada and Tema Stauffer (until July 26), Jessica Dimmock and Peter Van Agtmael (July 26 to August 8), Alexandra Catiere and Shen Wei (August 9 to 22), and Allison Brady and Ryoko Suzuki (August 23 to September 5).

The above photo is Teacup, by Kyoko Hamada.