Canon Should Build an A7 Camera Model with an EF Mount


Last week, I wrote about how Sony should build an A7 camera with a Canon EF mount. The premise behind the post was about Sony gaining market share and continuing to make bold moves. It’s a bit of a pipe dream but, holy crap, would that shake up the market.

What really needs to happen though is Canon should build a full frame mirrorless camera on par with the features we see in the Sony A7 series and that accepts EF lenses. [Read more…]


35mm Full Frame, APS-C, and 1.0-Type Sensor Depth of Field Comparison

In this short video, Gary Fong takes a look at full frame, APS-C and 1.0-type cameras to see how the depth of field is affected at the same effective focal lengths.

The challenge, of course, is that you must change the actual focal length of your lens to accommodate the same field of view on cameras with different sensor sizes. Invariably, this changes the depth of field so that the camera with the smaller sensor appears to have a much greater depth of field, while the full frame camera has a much shallower depth of field.

Gary’s demo is a nice practical demonstration of how these different camera sensors provide different images when shooting the same scene from the same position.

[via ISO1200]

Reminder: Sony’s A7S is Incredible in Low Light

We’ve seen many examples of the Sony A7S and just how good it is in low light. Well, here’s another that proves it is the low light king for affordable full frame cameras.

In this short preview video, Tony Northrup walks us through the high ISO settings of the Sony A7S, Sony A7 II and Nikon D810. The Sony A7S’ reach up to ISO 409,600 puts it just head and shoulders above the low light capabilities of the Nikon D810 and the A7 II.

Sony A7S

Whether its the right overall camera for you, however, requires examining what you need out of the camera day to day. For low light shooting though, the Sony A7S remains in a league of its own.