Photography Bay Forum, Registration and Spam

Earlier in the year, Photography Bay launched a free forum for its readers.  Unfortunately, it has been a target for spammers who register fake profiles and try to trade off Photography Bay’s traffic in order to get links and traffic to their shady operations.

As a result, I decided to manually review and approve all registrations and have been backlogged with hundreds of spam profiles to review, in addition to the many legitimate registrations.

I have gotten emails from some of you asking what is taking so long for your profile to be approved.  The easiest way to get your registration approved is to send me an email at: and let me know you’re waiting.

I will respond to these registration emails immediately.

I have also included these notes on the forum in an easy-to-find location for future registrants.

Finally, if anyone has suggestions on better ways to cut down on forum spam, I’m all ears.  Feel free to email me at the above address or send a message via the contact form.