Why Do McDonald’s Burgers Look Different in Ads vs. What We Buy?


Do you ever see a McDonald’s ad and wonder what those big, thick burgers are made with . . . particularly given the flat burgers you get out of a McDonald’s to-go bag?

It has to be a different kind of meat, buns and toppings, right?

Actually, it’s all about the photography and prepping those same ingredients for the photo shoot. [Read more…]


iPhone 5 Ad Parody: Snarky Jab at Social Food Photos

Check out this iPhone 5 ad parody from Adam Sacks.  In it, a rebranded Canon DSLR takes the place of the upcoming iPhone 5, which will apparently only be used for taking photos of food and sharing those on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

iPhone 5

Siri will even recognize the food your snapping photos of and suggest witty captions to go along with your Facebook and Twitter posts.

[via PetaPixel]

General Mills Expands Photography Studios

General Mills Photography Studios

General Mills has renovated its photography studios, and it sounds like a killer setup for the photographers who work there.  If you’ve never really given much thought about the work that goes into the photos on all those labels and packages I see at the grocery store, you should check out the press release below, which contains the details of the revamped studio, and then head over to General Mills’ studio portfolio when you’re done. [Read more…]