Flashpoint All-Inclusive DSLR Cinema Bundle for $499.95 – Deal Alert

Flashpoint All-Inclusive DSLR Cinema Bundle

Adorama has its Flashpoint All-Inclusive Cinema Bundle on sale for $499.95 through January 25, 2013. The bundle, which is built for turning an HDSLR into a full-fledged cinema rig, is normally available for $599.95, which is a deal in itself given that the shoulder rig, matte box and follow focus would cost over $850 if purchased separately. You can find the Flashpoint Cinema Bundle here at Adorama.

ArchRig is a New, Cheaper Take on HDSLR Follow Focus

ArchRig Follow Focus

The ArchRig system is a new rig and follow focus combo unit that looks to somewhat simplify on-the-fly focus adjustments when shooting HDSLR video.

Instead of a geared focus mechanism attached to the side of the lens, a metal arch goes over the top of the lens and use stop-pins to serve as focus marks for the lens lever.  Additional focus marks can be made on the arch using a dry-erase marker.

Check out the video below to see how it works. [Read more…]

Nikon Working on Preset Focus Pulls for Future Cameras

A recently published Nikon patent application shows that Nikon is working on implementing programmed focus pulls in video-capable cameras.

Essentially, the patent application describes the process of setting a starting focus point on the camera’s LCD and then an ending focus point.  The camera will then automatically (and smoothly) rack focus between the two points as you record video. [Read more…]

DIY Wooden HDDSLR Shoulder Rig With Follow Focus

DIY DSLR Wooden Shoulder Rig from Jonathan Clifford Bergqvist on Vimeo.

I’ve seen some clever DIY setups for HDDSLR rigs and focus pullers; however, Jonathan Bergqvist’s wooden rendition for his Canon 7D in the above video takes the cake. The integrated focus puller on the left handle is really a nice touch.

[Vimeo via Crunchgear]