New Impact Ready Cool Lights are Fluorescent Video Lights on the Cheap

Impact Ready Cool 4 Lamp

B&H is now selling Impact Ready Cool continuous fluorescent lights, which are available in 2-bulb and 4-bulb configurations.

Each fluorescent bulb offers 55 watts output. The Ready Cool 2 lamp version delivers the equivalent output of roughly a 500w tungsten light, while the Ready Cool 4 lamp version is equivalent to a roughly 1000w hot light. Lamp life is estimated at 8000 hours.

The Ready Cool 2 lamp version is available for $169.95, and the Ready Cool 4 lamp version is available for for $394.95 (currently on sale for $344.95). Both units ship with bulbs and a padded carrying case. Check them out here at B&H Photo.

Flashpoint 14” Fluorescent Dimmable Ring Light

Adorama has announced a new Flashpoint 14″ dimmable ring light for $99.95. It features an 80-watt circular fluorescent bulb and is daylight balanced at a temperature of 5600K.

Thanks to the higher lumens-per-watt produced by fluorescent bulbs, the 80-watt ring light offers roughly the equivalent light output that you would get from a 320-watt tungsten fixture.

More details here at Adorama.

Smith-Victor Fluorescent Light Bank Overview

Smith-Victor FLO-220

The Smith-Victor FLO-220 and its sibling models are affordable, fluorescent lights for video use.  The lights come with built-in barn doors and have custom eggcrate louvers available.  The lights are daylight balanced at 5600K, use flicker-free tubes, and are dimmable down to 1/4-power. [Read more…]