Automatic Duck Plug-ins Now Available for Free

Automatic Duck Plug-ins

Automatic Duck has changed its focus since the big partnership announcement with Adobe.  As a result of the inability to provide the level of support that the company has provided in the past, Pro Import AE, Pro Import FCP and Pro Export FCP (both versions, for FCP7 and FCPX) are available at no charge.

You can find them on Automatic Duck’s relaunched website.


Apple Final Cut Pro X Release Imminent Along with Thunderbolt Devices?

While WWDC 2011 would have been a fitting time to launch Final Cut Pro X, Apple failed to do so.  According to the info we got from Apple at the sneak peek back in April, Final Cut Pro X is due to arrive in the Mac App Store this month.  Since the teaser though, it’s been all crickets from the mothership. [Read more…]