Apple Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 Now Available

Apple has just made Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and Compressor 4 available in the Mac App Store.  FCP X runs $299, while Motion 5 and Compressor 4 can be picked up for just $49 each.

Now we see all of the features unveiled back in April, as well as some new features.  I’ll have more coverage on FCP X as I get my hands dirty, but for now, check out the feature list below. [Read more...]

Apple Final Cut Pro X Release Imminent Along with Thunderbolt Devices?

While WWDC 2011 would have been a fitting time to launch Final Cut Pro X, Apple failed to do so.  According to the info we got from Apple at the sneak peek back in April, Final Cut Pro X is due to arrive in the Mac App Store this month.  Since the teaser though, it’s been all crickets from the mothership. [Read more...]

Will Final Cut Pro X Be Officially Released at WWDC 2011?

On Monday, June 6, WWDC 2011 kicks off in San Francisco with Steve Jobs on stage at 1PM ET.  Of course, the consumer topics of iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion are at the top of the buzz list; however, those who have been waiting patiently (or, impatiently for some of us) since the Final Cut Pro X teaser in April may not have to wait much longer either. [Read more...]

Final Cut Pro X Annoncement Video [Updated: Better Video]

(I use the word “video” very loosely.) However, I’ve embedded 4 videos below that contain almost all of the FCP X announcement. The videos were shot from the pocket of my camera bag and I was not monitoring the framing (because I was live-blogging the event and taking photos at the same time) – so I’m really sorry about that guys.

Dear Joby, feel free to kick me next time you see me for not bringing a Gorillapod with me.  Anyway, you can see a somewhat reasonable amount of the projector and hear the commentary pretty clearly, which will give you a little better insight into the new software (perhaps better than my cursory commentary in the live blog post).

If you missed the live coverage, there are plenty of screen shots there, along with a summary of most of the key new features.  Between the live blog coverage and these videos, you should have a decent idea of what FCP X looks like and how it functions. [Read more...]

Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet – LiveBlog (Updated: Final Cut Pro X Officially Unveiled)

[UPDATE: Final Cut Pro X is now available in the Mac App Store here.]

This will be a live blog feed – with the newest updates at the bottom.  (Hit the ‘Refresh’ button for updates.)

There is a crowd growing outside of the conference room of the Final Cut Pro User Group Supermeet right now.  We’re all waiting to take our seats to see what everyone at NAB 2011 has been talking about for the past couple of days . . . the unveiling of the next generation of Final Cut Pro.  (Let’s just say that better be what happens or their will be complete anarchy here.) [Read more...]

Apple to Unveil New Final Cut Pro on April 12

It is pretty much all but confirmed that Apple will be unveiling the new “jaw dropping” version of Final Cut Pro at next week’s Final Cut Pro User Group SuperMeet in Vegas.

Apple itself has historically had little presence at the SuperMeets; however, this year, the presentation schedule has been wiped clear just a few days before the event.  The prior-scheduled presentations looked to be a pretty big deal in and of themselves – with Avid and Canon (among others) bringing in special speakers to cater to the crowd.  According to all reports, this schedule clearing was done at the behest of Apple. [Read more...]