Adorama Announces VU and MeFoto Filters

MeFoto Filters

New MeFoto Filters

Adorama has announced two new filter lines, the VU brand with two levels of quality and price for a range of filter options, and another line under the popular MeFoto brand.

Both filter lines offer a variety of filter types, such as UV, ND and polarizing filters. Check them out at Adorama at the following links:

Xume Quick Release Adapters Use Magnets to Mount Lens Filters

Xume Quick Release Adapter for Lens Filters

Xume Quick Release Adapters are designed to help you quickly swap or add filters to your lenses. The adapters use magnets to secure the lens filters onto the end of lenses.

In order to use the adapters, you simply screw one onto the lens and mount your filters on the filter holder. When you bring the mounted filter to the front of your lens, it will snap into place. Check out the video below for an overview. [Read more…]