Vimeo finally added a monetization mechanism for user videos. Vimeo’s new Tip Jar lets viewers donate funds on Vimeo Plus and Pro users’ videos.  The account holder keeps 85% of the donated tips, with the remaining 15% going to Vimeo.

The Tip Jar is already live and Plus and Pro members can activate the feature in their account now.  The Tip Jar is rolling out ahead of an upcoming pay-to-view service for Pro subscribers in 2013.  Both features could be quite a boon for indie filmmakers.

If you want to read more about it, Vincent Laforet has a great post on the new feature, as does Ryan Koo over at No Film School.

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Side By Side is a documentary about the current transition from film to digital filmmaking.  It’s a documentary for camera geeks.  Check out the trailer above and the official synopsis below.

Join Keanu Reeves on a tour of the past and the future of filmmaking in SIDE BY SIDE. Since the invention of cinema, the standard format for recording moving images has been film. Over the past two decades, a new form of digital filmmaking has emerged, creating a groundbreaking evolution in the medium. Reeves explores the development of cinema and the impact of digital filmmaking via in-depth interviews with Hollywood masters, such as James Cameron, David Fincher, David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, and many more.

[Tribeca via PetaPixel]

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The iSupport is a $49 iPhone camera rig, which basically gives you better handling and mounting options.  It can handle a bare iPhone or an iPhone in a case.  It also has a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom for tripod or heavier duty rig mounting.

Check out the video below from NAB 2012 for a closer look.


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Gorillapod Audio Boompole

Yet another use for a Gorillapod.  We needed something to allow one guy to handle everything on a shoot yesterday.  And, this is why I always carry at least one Gorillapod in my bag.

A list of the items seen in these photos is below. [click to continue…]

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The Lean Forward Moment

The Lean Forward Moment is a book from Norman Hollyn, who is an Associate Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. At its core, this book is about storytelling; however, it covers this broad topic through the various aspects of the filmmaking process. [click to continue…]

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Like Crazy

A couple of months ago, I mentioned the film ‘Like Crazy’ was shot on a Canon 7D and scheduled for release on October 28.  It was initially released in 4 theaters, and now is up to 16 in its limited release. [click to continue…]

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