Canon Video Contest Film Lands at Sundance

Canon’s video contest, “The Story Beyond the Still,” which has been cooking along for a year now, will culminate in the debut of the short film created by contestants and Vincent Laforet at the Sundance Film Festival this Sunday.  The complete short film will be available on the Sundance Channel and on Monday.

Read up on the history of the film and see the chapters individually on

1922 Kodachrome Film Test in Color

This little film test from Kodak is a sample of some of the earliest color motion picture film.  For some reason, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched it.

“First tests on the Two-Color Kodachrome Process were begun in late 1914. Shot with a dual-lens camera, the process recorded filtered images on black/white negative stock, then made black/white separation positives. The final prints were actually produced by bleaching and tanning a double-coated duplicate negative (made from the positive separations), then dyeing the emulsion green/blue on one side and red on the other. Combined they created a rather ethereal palette of hues.”

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Polaroid PIC-300: Instant Film Strikes Back . . . At Your Wallet

Polaroid 300

Polaroid instant cameras are finally back in town.  The new Polaroid PIC-300 is the first instant camera to be introduced since the old Polaroid died and was born anew (recall, however, that we were teased with the Polaroid PIC-1000 mockups back at CES 2010).  The Polaroid PIC-300 is a consumer-oriented camera that uses the aptly-named Polaroid 300 Instant Film. However, all this comes at a price.

While the camera will only set you back about $90, the film will suck you dry at $10 for a 10-pack.  That’s $1 per exposure folks.

Ah, yes, now I recall why Polaroid died.

The Polaroid 300 format is also smaller than the traditional Polaroid sizes from back in the day.  Instead, you get Fuji Instax Mini sizes – about the same size print as a business card.

No doubt that there’s a fun factor to the new Polaroid PIC-300; however, you’ll have to be committed to your nostalgic ideals to jump on this bandwagon.  The Polaroid PIC-300 gives new meaning to the expression “make every frame count.”

For those who are willing, it looks like J&R is the only place (aside from where you can find the Polaroid PIC-300 right now.

Updated: It’s also available from here.

Full details on the rebirth of Polaroid instant cameras in the press release below. [Read more...]

Up Close With the Fuji GF670

Fuji GF670

Fuji took an interesting turn earlier this month with the introduction of a medium format film camera – the Fuji GF670 Professional.  I don’t have much more information other than what was available at the time of the announcement; however, you will find a number of up close photos along with some additional commentary on the new medium format shooter below. [Read more...]

Fuji GF670 Professional Medium Format Camera

Fuji GF670

The Fuji GF670 is a foldable medium format camera that offers 6×6 and 6×7 format shooting with 120 and 220 roll film.  The GF670 features an 80mm lens, rangefinder, aperture-priority mode for auto exposure, as well as manual exposure mode.

The GF670 should be available in the second quarter of 2010.

Additional details on the GF670 in the press release below. [Read more...]

Pana-Vue Pana-Scan

Pana-Vue Pana-Scan

The Pana-Vue Pana-Scan is a budget-friendly slide, 35mm and 110 negative film scanner.  The Pana-Scan converts film and slides to 5MP digital images, which are stored on an SD card that you can then import to your PC or Mac.  The Pana-Scan connects to your computer via USB 2.0 and includes Arc-Soft Media Impression as editing software.

The Pana-Scan carries a street price of around $100.  Check availability on

More details in the press release below. [Read more...]