Polaroid Socialmatic

The Polaroid Socialmatic has been on every hipster’s wishlist since the camera was first teased. It should finally be a reality when it launches later this year.  [click to continue…]


Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Instant Film Printer-5

The Fuji Instax Share SP-1 instant film printer debuted at CES 2014 and is a battery-powered printer that uses the same Instax Mini instant film we have come to know from the popular Fuji Instax line of instant cameras in 2″ x 3″ format. [click to continue…]


Really Nice Images

Really Nice Images announced it has released a new generation of it’s film-emulating preset package ‘All Films’ for Adobe Lightroom users. After studying a number of archive samples, Really Nice Images recreated some really old film looks like Kodachrome from the edge 50s and 60s or Agfa Chrome from 70s. [click to continue…]


Fuji Instax Mini 90

The Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic surfaced from Fujifilm Japan a month or so ago. The Mini 90 continues a very popular line of instant film cameras from Fuji using Instax Mini film; however, the Mini 90 separates itself with the retro-styling that has won over crowds in Fuji’s X-Series digital cameras. [click to continue…]

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Fuji Instax Mini 90

Taking a cue from its popular X-Series cameras, Fujifilm has announced the new Instax Mini 90 Neoclassic instant film camera.

Fuji’s Instax line has remained popular in the digital age with cameras like the Instax Mini 7S and Instax Mini 25 being some very popular cameras among Photography Bay readers. The tiny credit-card sized photos remain a hit for the sake of their instant gratification and analog nostalgia. [click to continue…]

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Laforet Canon A2E

DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera challenge is a hilarious tradition of pro shooters taking some of the cheapest cameras around and being challenged to come up with some great. Previous challenges have included Eric Wong with a pink point and shoot and Zack Arias with crappy Kodak compact and a single speedlight.

In this latest episode, Vincent Laforet (who is best known for taking a prototype 5D Mark II and shooting Reverie and, thereafter ushering in the HDSLR revolution) gets a Canon A2E film camera, a Lensbaby Composer and two rolls of ISO 400 film.

As humorous as the setup is, there are great lessons to learn in this short video. Check it out below. [click to continue…]

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