Final Cut Pro X

Apple has released version 10.0.4 for Final Cut Pro X, as well as new versions for Motion and Compressor.  FPC X version 10.0.4 improves overall stability, performance, and compatibility including: [click to continue…]

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Magic Bullet Looks FCP X

I neglected to note this last week when I wrote about the Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.3 upgrade; however, one of the many fixes provided in the update was a hurdle that Red Giant had with implementing Magic Bullet Looks in Final Cut Pro X.

I’ve been using Magic Bullet Mojo with FCP X since it was released.  Simple, clean and smooth integration with the FCP X interface.  Now that Looks is integrated with FCP X, I’ll be using it on some upcoming projects.  In what little I’ve played around in it, I’ve been overly pleased with the interface.  I’ll let you know if there are any problems as I use it more, and I welcome your thoughts as well.  So far though, so good.

Magic Bullet Looks is only $199 through tomorrow, Feb. 7 (that’s half off).  Coupon code LOOKSFCPX50 required. The FCP X Looks upgrade is free for existing Looks users.

Check out the video from Red Giant below. [click to continue…]

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Plural Eyes FCP X

Singular Software has released a beta version of Plural Eyes for Final Cut Pro X.  While FCP X offers the ability to automatically sync audio and video clips natively, it still comes up quite short for all but the simplest of setups.  Multi-cam is next to impossible with FCP X; however, the new Plural Eyes beta release gives a glimmer of hope for editing basic multi-cam projects in FCP X by syncing multi-cam footage.  Likewise, syncing multiple takes to a single audio clip is a challenge in FCP X, but is something that the new Plural Eyes beta shreds through easily. [click to continue…]

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Final Cut Pro X 10.0.2

Apple recently released an update for Final Cut Pro X.  The update addresses the following bugs: [click to continue…]

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SplitScreen X Lite for Free

CrumplePop is now offering SplitScreen X Lite for free.  It’s a nice little splitscreen plugin for FCP X.  It includes 3 splitscreen templates with adjustable bar width and the ability to scale any screen independently.

Get it free on CrumplePop’s website.

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It looks like the folks over at Intelligent Assistance have figured out a way to translate FCP X projects into FCP 7 timelines.  Project X₂7 is a $50 XML translator that takes your FCP X XML file and translates it into something that FCP 7 can understand.  Once in FCP 7, you can then take your project to a number of different applications, including Premiere Pro, which is the gateway to Dynamic Link with After Effects and other Adobe apps.

Project X₂7 looks like a pretty solid plugin that appears to do what is asked of it.  Check out the screenshots below for a comparison of FCP X to FCP 7 projects. [click to continue…]

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