Super Bowl XLIX is a #NoDroneZone

The FAA has a new hashtag: #NoDroneZone

It released this awkward YouTube video a couple days ago to help designate the Super Bowl XLIX as a No Drone Zone, encouraging fans to leave their drones behind. I actually had to triple check that this came from an official FAA account, but it appears to be legit.

No Drone Zone

Specifically, the FAA has issued a Temporary Flight Restriction for the area surrounding the University of Phoenix Stadium from 3:25p to 11:59p MST.

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FAA Tells Police How to Handle Illegal Drone Encounters

Max Aero Drones-4

While the drone market continues to expand, the legality of operating them continues to be more up in the air than ever before. Earlier this month, the FAA released a new directive to local law enforcement agencies on how to handle encounters with drone operators.

While I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and this is an editorial commentary on newsworthy issues rather than legal advice.  Unless you’re paying a lawyer, you aren’t really getting legal advice, and what you are getting on websites, blogs and forums is worth just what you paid for it. If you are busted by the FAA for violating its regulations, get an aviation lawyer who knows their way around the administrative process. Do not solicit legal advice online. That free advice will be the most expensive you ever take.  [Read more…]