Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2 Card Announced

Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2

Eye-Fi has unveiled a new 16GB Pro X2 SD card, which also sports a Class 10 designation. As you may know, Eye-Fi cards allow you to wirelessly transmit your images from your camera to your computer, tablet or smartphone over a WiFi network.  The Pro X2 cards also allow transfer of RAW files and can be configured to free up space after photos have transferred off the card.

The new 16GB Pro X2 cards run $99.99 and are available here at Amazon.  Additionally, Eye-Fi dropped the price on 8GB Pro X2 cards to $79.99 to make room for the 16GB models at the top of the food chain.

Eye-Fi Direct Mode = Wireless Tethering to iPad, iPhone or Android Devices

Eye-Fi has flipped the switch on a new Direct Mode for Eye-Fi X2 WiFi SD cards.  Using these new cards with corresponding Apps, you can now instantly transmit images to your iOS or Android devices.

Direct Mode offers the flexibility of anywhere. After a quick set up, take photos wherever you are – then when you’re ready to transfer, just turn your camera on and let Eye-Fi do the rest. The Eye-Fi X2 card will create its own Wi-Fi network and transfer to the free iPhone/iPad or Android app. No matter where you are, you’ll get your photos and videos on your device in no time. –Eye-Fi

You can read more about Eye-Fi’s Direct Mode on the product page and the FAQ.  You can find Eye-Fi X2 cards at Amazon.com and B&H Photo.