Fuji Introduces Macro Extension Tubes for X-Series

Fuji Macro Extension Tubes

Fuji has announced two new Macro Extension Tubes for its X-Series cameras. The new extension tubes are the MCEX-11 and MCEX-16 feature electronic contacts to maintain normal AE functions and blend in with the overall X-Series aesthetics.

The new extension tubes should be available mid-December for $99.95. You should be able to find them soon here at B&H Photo.


Vello Extension Tube Kit w/ AF for Canon and Nikon at $55

Vello Extension Tubes

B&H has a couple of Vello extension tube kits (includes 31mm, 21mm and 13mm tubes) in both Canon and Nikon kits for only $55.

If you aren’t familiar with extension tubes, they are mounted between you camera body and lens. This shortens the minimum focus distance and essentially turns all of your current lenses into macro lenses. These are a great and affordable option for trying your hand at macro photography without the need to invest a lot into a dedicated macro lens.

I’ve used a set of Kenko extension tubes for years. The great thing about these (as well as the Vello tubes that B&H has) is that they will transmit AF info between the body and lens, which means you don’t have to use manual focus if you don’t want to.

At $55, these Vello extension tubes look like a real steal. Note, however, that his is a 20% off sale that looks like it will end on March 22. Still, the $68 normal asking price should be well worth it.

Check out the Vello extension tubes here at B&H Photo.