Today’s question hails from Ron all the way in the Netherlands. It is in regard to using the Olympus EP-1 for fashion photography. Granted, something like a Canon 5D Mk II is better suited for the job, but let’s try to help Ron the best we can.

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Olympus E-P1

The Olympus EP-1 has received tremendous amounts of press since its release as the camera is truly the digital rangefinder that many people have been looking for. However, according to the British Journal of Photography via Photo Rumors there is both a pro Pen camera  and a lower grade Pen camera in development.

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

I shot the above photo at last year’s PhotoPlus Expo. It was the prototype of the EP-1, or at least it was supposed to be. Olympus said that it was the prototype of their Micro 4/3rds camera. However, they never said which one it was a prototype for. Could it possibly be the one that will be aimed more towards consumers? [click to continue…]

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