Embellishing Prints for Protection and Added Value

Admittedly, I know very little about the print-making process. I usually order my prints by uploading my digital files to MyPhotopipe or Mpix – and I’m plenty happy with those results. However, I’m always intrigued by those who make their own prints and the processes they use to get from digital files to finished prints.

The above video comes from Randy Hufford, a Hawaii-based photographer with a wealth of knowledge and skill in getting those finished prints just right.  In the video, Randy discusses embellishing for canvas prints and how that process is used to add value to his images.  The coating that he uses comes from Premier Imaging Products and produces some interesting results.

Check out the video and let the rest of us know how you add value or something extra to your finished prints.  I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone that uses embellishing or similar finishing processes in their prints.

Also, you should seriously check out Randy’s site.  There’s a lot of great content on there, particularly with regard to spicing up your prints.